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Nevertheless, there are those who claim to fall in love on the regular. Moreover, there are some individuals who claim to be capable of being in love with more than one individual at a time. This concept seems foreign to me, but for the sake of philosophical inquiry, I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look into how it is that some people have trouble falling in love at all while others seem to be falling in love left and right. There are only a handful of explanations that are feasible.

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Being in love can be the most amazing thing in the world and as they say, there's no such thing as too much love.


Watch this video or scan the QR code to learn more about loving more than one person at a time. Can a person love more than one person at the same time? We accept without question generally that one can go from a past love to a future love in case the past love relationship ends divorce, death of a spouse, breaking up of a dating relationship or a youthful romance.

Loving more than one person at the same time

Some widows or widowers never seek or find another love because of some sense of devotion to how to love one person departed mate, how to love one person sense of how to love one person achieved completeness that should not be tampered with how to love one person possibly tarnished in some way by a relationship that turns out not to be as good, some sense of pointlessness of beginning again with a new partner, or some fear of it. Such people may be incapable of loving more than one person, but most people seem able at different times in their lives to become involved in a new loving relationship when a former one has ended.

Sometimes also one is formed that ends another. The question might be raised whether forming a second romantic love relationship necessarily will cause the first to end or whether maintaining the first will cause the second to end.

Dating tips for finding the right person

Can a person love, romantically, more than one person at a time? I say romantically meaning the general sense of romance, whether it is accompanied by excited passion or not because people obviously can love more than one person at a time in ways other than romantic.

Of course children often feel they are not loved by their parents as much as their siblings are — and in some cases they are correct — but usually, that feeling is erroneous. And people can be fond of and have concern for many special friends at the same time.

Why you can't love more than one person

According to my analysis of relationships and love, I think it is easy to be clear in what sense one can romantically love more than one person at a time, and in what how to love one person one cannot. Perhaps all could be if they allowed themselves to be; it is not clear to me whether people who are so loyal or so absorbed in their love or feelings for one person are actually how to love one person of having feelings for someone else or whether they simply do not allow themselves to have such feelings or ignore or repress them or whether they just accidentally do not get attracted to others.

And sometimes being in love causes you to joyfully focus so much attention on your loved one that you are unable to think about anyone else, let alone romantically. However, loving more than one person at a time in terms of participating in a fully loving — including a fully and mutually benevolent, and fully and mutually satisfying — relationship is most difficult, if not impossible.

Even in regard to something as simple as enjoying a movie together, you would often probably want to share the same movie with each lover, and going to the same movies twice if that is the way you had to do it would get old and exhausting very quickly. In fact, in some cases, the more you have for one person, the more you may also have for another; good feelings sometimes generate more good feelings. But time and energy are subtractive; unless you are spending time with both loved ones simultaneously, the more time and energy you spend with one person, the less you will have to spend with the other.

This is generally not long-enduring, even if possible for a how to love one person. Or if one is wealthy enough not to have to work muchone might have sufficient time and energy for two fully loving relationships.

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Two loved ones do not need, and generally do not want, to spend all their time together, but I suspect that if you work eight hours a day and sleep six to eight hours a day, that normally does not leave time for two or more separate fully loving relationships. Before we had children, I musingly thought my wife and I each would have time for each other and about one half a relationship with someone else, since part of the time we spent at home at the same time did not involve doing things together.

How to know it’s real love

Children take up that extra time easily enough now. Notice I have not even discussed problems of time, energy, guilt, deception, or sexual capacity involved in having multiple secret relationships.

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I have only been dwelling on how difficult or impossible it would be in terms of limited time and energy to how to love one person more than one even open fully loving relationship at a time. I think there is some indication of this too in the nature of sibling rivalries and jealousy in how to love one person.

Children often get jealous or feel unloved and left out because they feel their parents give too much attention and time to siblings and not enough to them, even when they may actually have as much or more time than their brothers and sisters. They may feel it shows their parents have more affection for the how to love one person children. There may be jealousy and hurt feelings.

7 s you're in love with more than one person

Parents can play a game or go on a picnic or to a movie with their children and spend time with them all together. Yet as any parent can testify, having full relationships just with two children can take up an inordinate amount of time and energy, even when it is exciting and fun, and even when you are not having to do different things with each child at different times.

Trying to actively and fully participate in two or more romantic relationships would be equally, or even more, demanding and draining.

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Less benefit and less satisfaction, due to lack of time or energy, may lead to less attraction; but even when they do not, their diminishment alone simply makes the relationship less of a good or satisfactory one than it could be. This is also true when the cause that robs time and energy from a relationship is not another person, but something such as a job, perhaps particularly when energy and time are devoted to how to love one person job voluntarily, such as by a workaholic. Family members or loved ones often need to have time and energy devoted to them, and a workaholic or unfaithful mate may not have it to devote.

Further, if an extra-relationship affair is a secret one, there can be additional problems that affect time, energy, satisfaction, quality, and feelings. There is a potential for tremendously draining worry, fear, and guilt in addition to the normal strains of trying to spend time and energy with different people you love.

Why it’s normal to love more than one person

But the fact that one probably cannot have a fully loving, fully active relationship with more than one person at the same time, except under some of the kinds of conditions mentioned before, should not prohibit you from having as full and good a relationship as you can with others as time and circumstances permit and warrant. Loving one person should not prevent you from being attracted to or appreciating others or from satisfying and enjoying them in ways that are right. More about this in the sections on commitment, ethics, and jealousy.

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Attraction is a nice feeling, and justified appreciation is a good thing. Because as you love your parents and learn from them does not mean you cannot love your teacher and learn at school.

I’m in love with two people! | what can i do to figure out being in love with two people?

Likewise from a neighbor or relative or anyone with whom you might come into contact. Similarly, as an adult, though your marriage or some other kind of committed primary relationship should and does come first, this does not mean one should not have friends or others one cares about, as long as those relationships do not interfere in ways they should not. One can learn and grow from more than one person, and generally, that is necessary for development and growth.

The point is to try to properly balance the time and behavior you owe your mate with what you owe to yourself and others as a socially interacting, learning, growing, teaching, and helping person. And the point is also to recognize and feel comfortable with your feelings for other people, and not need either to how to love one person inappropriately on every feeling of attraction for someone else nor to repress or ignore them, but to act properly in response to them.

Single and looking for love? while there are always obstacles to meeting the right person, these tips can help you find lasting love and build a healthy, worthwhile relationship.

The feelings themselves do not in any way diminish the feelings you have for, or the relationship you have with, your mate. Learning Objectives Compare and contrast the ways loving more than one person at the same time is possible and in what ways it is not.

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Key Terms Romantically meaning the general sense of romance, whether it is accompanied by excited passion or not. Review Questions Question : Can a person love more than one person at the same time? Why or why not? Question : Should Loving one person prevent you from being attracted to or appreciating others?

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